The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology selected eleven projects from 131 proposals in a funding competition. 122 million euros have been allocated for them. The aim of these “lighthouse projects,” says Economics Minister Peter Altmaier, “is to show the added value of Gaia-X.”

The eleven projects are nice. It’s also nice that the BMWi is paying for them. But shouldn’t there be so much pressure to develop pilot projects without funding? Wouldn’t it make more sense to provide the Gaia-X platform and look for an provider than to develop very specific solutions for which it might be very difficult in the European market to find many other companies and users? The effort required to adapt the respective solution should not be underestimated.

Winning sketches are available here.

Announced by Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Peter Altmaier at Digital Summit 2019, he called the initiative a “moonshot” that would be “central for Germany, for France and for Europe when it comes to economic strength and sovereignty.” Except for a few insiders, most of the attendees were surprised.

Gaia X - a name that makes you sit up and take notice. Gaia is in the Greek mythology the mother of all Titans and subsequent gods - the origin of all of us. Choosing this name to justify the claim of being and becoming the leading "digital ecosystem"…

Ferdinand von Schirach published his new book “Jeder Mensch”. As always — title and content short and sweet. Since I enjoy reading Schirach and find his thoughts and statements interesting, I advertise here to think about “Every human being”. It is about nothing less than the expansion of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. He justifies (only in German) this necessity thus:

  • An update, a modernization is necessary, because many topics such as globalization and artificial intelligence are not covered by the existing fundamental rights.
  • Fundamental rights would have to be visionary and contain goals, and
  • Fundamental rights would have…

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